Self Love Affirmations - The Best Affirmations To Inspire Self Love

Self love is something almost everyone strives for, and something everyone deserves. Finding the right affirmations to use in your day to day life can be hard, so we have pulled together a list of our top 15 most effective affirmations for encouraging self love. 

The best way to identify affirmations that are effective for you is to ensure you are using mantras that resonate with you. Once you have found your most aligned affirmations, it is important to note how you practice these. 

The best affirmations for self love are: 

    1. I am loved 
    2. I am worthy
    3. I love myself
    4. I am beautiful
    5. I am enough
    6. I forgive myself
    7. I deserve the best
    8. I am safe 
    9. I am calm
    10. I radiate love and abundance
    11. I am powerful
    12. I appreciate myself with all of my heart
    13. I am capable 
    14. I attract positive energy easily
    15. Love flows through my easily and effortlessly 

Using affirmations can be a hard habit to develop. Repeating these every day in the mirror is a great way to start your self-love affirmation journey. If you are looking for a daily reminder of self love, shop our mirror stickers.

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